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हर दिन सुनो अफर्मेशन्स akki sharma Power of Gratitude Affirmations & Guided Meditation

Hi, and Welcome to Hunch Clubby,

Akki Sharma is a renowned Spiritual Healer Consultant of Feng Shui and Reiki. Akki Sharma is practicing Spiritual Science, Vastu Shastra, Reiki and Feng Shui since last 14 years. Many people have benefited from his advice.

The spiritual and feng shui counseling provided by Spiritual Miracles is very powerful and effective. We basically provide personalized advice to our clients for their life problems, personal, financial, spiritual Vastu etc.

Come and join our family and feel the spiritual power of the universe.

How beautiful the world is but we cannot see it until we connect with our universe and as soon as we establish a connection with the power of the universe, we start blowing like a gust of cold air.

May all blessed feeling waves be captivating

Welcome to our family…

Topics Covers:

Power of Gratitude,
Guided Meditation
Positive Gratitude affirmations,
Meditation For Prosperity,
Manifestation secret,

Akki Sharma


Twitter :  @akki_thehealer 

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