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Best Blogger Tools Free & Paid 2021

Best Blogger Tools Free & Paid 2021: 1 – Hosting

1 – Hosting Service Provider


My dear new bloggers, before starting the blog, you must first get the best hosting services that provide the best service in speed and security. If you are going to create a blog, then it becomes very important that who is hosting your blog, it is so important that you can imagine that you have created a blog, and you worked hard on it. If you did live online, then you could not get the speed that is necessary to rank in Google.

Yes, my bloggers, this is the thing that you are thinking that one of your decisions can fulfill your dream and even break it, so take the best hosting, you will not need to worry about it in the future.
If you have made the right decision.

Bluehost not today, but before long, this company which is crossing the number has no collision, the uptime of its speed is always 99.9% which is not of any company and now its plans have become very cheap, which is not even a harlot of worries. Look, friends, if you are going to do a business, then do not shy away from investing. These are the tools that will help you to become a winner.

Today every big famous blogger is with Bluehost, there must be some reason, nor should you also think this through.

Now do not think you have to get ahead, so join the Bluehost today, the link is given below with a discount.

Best Blogger Tools Free & Paid 2021: 2 – Domain

Blogger Tools Free & Paid 2021: 1 - Hosting
Blogger Tools Free & Paid 2021

How to choose a domain name for your blog

What is a domain name, not a technical way, think in a journal way, in fact, there is a name that gives an identity to our blog or website. Naming a blog like the name of a company or the name of your skills is what we call a personal blog.

Factors in domain names are such that if we choose the domain name after taking care of it, then our blog can give an incredible boost to our blog. I give proof of this

In today’s time, we know that there is tremendous competition in every field. Which we have to beat and move forward, this is possible only when our work will be different from others and even then only then we will be able to get ahead.

Now you must be thinking that how much is bored in the blog but friends are not like this, you should know why you are reading the post and what is the benefit of it. Now I am going to tell you some facts which are very important for a successful.

Domain Name / URL

The domain name is the URL of your blog (Uniform Resources Locator), the address of a blog that is typed in the user browser and reaches your blog. An identity that allows the reader to remember your blog easily, we first call someone by his name, just such a blog name is a domain name.

A unique memorable unique identity

The Name That called “Domain Name” is the first impact of a blog that is truly unique and memorable so that the reader can remember the name. The shorter the name rather than the larger, the sooner the reader will remember it and the easier it will be to type. Therefore, try to always keep the name short.

The domain name is 15 characters according to the SEO rules. Let me tell you, by the example of some big blog like “Zara

Ensure Availability Of Domain Name or Business Name.

Please check that the name is not already trademarked or registered. Friends, you should check the Domain name and business name in advance if any other company has not registered it before. Otherwise, there will be a lot of trouble.

If you cannot do this work then you should contact your hosting provider, they will also tell you the right way and will also register the name.

If you keep a similar name to any other business or brand, then you may have to face a lot of trouble by walking, so my friends should find a unique name and get it registered.

Best Blogger Tools Free & Paid 2021: 3 – WordPress Theme

Best Multipurpose Theme WordPress Theme With Google Adsense Approval For Effective Blogging

Now the most important tool is the theme of your blog. We have to leave nothing short of it, there are two ways to buy one by choosing a theme and secondly, if you are a beginner then it would be good for you that you can download the theme and purchase of a company that is becoming another theme but pleases someone else Do not fall into the offer of the full theme. We will talk about the theme in another article, now let’s talk about the theme of the company and WordPress. If we want to earn such a blog, then it means that you are going to do a business and friend, if we do the business of any world, then you will have

to invest and should also do it. In this, we have given a very simple way by WordPress, we can use the themes we have on WordPress for free, as a demo, we believe that you will not face any problem but your site blog will be very good.

Now let’s talk about Google Adsense if you want to earn money from Google Adsense on your blog, then you need a theme on which the tool for running google ads has been installed, otherwise, Google Adsense will not get the approval to run google ads. So guys, start working on such a WordPress theme that is approved before Google Adsense, which means every tool to run google ads in that theme is present.

Friends, I have brought a list of themes for you, which will support you in every way, such as in SEO and in about to speed, in addition to a mobile then and desktop can run well that called Responsive Theme.

There are some WordPress themes below, you can install what you like by clicking on the link.

Blogger Tools Free & Paid 2021: Best WordPress Theme For Effective Blogging

1. Astra

2. OceanWP

3. Hestia

4. Bento

5. Hueman

6. Tracks

7. Sparkling

8. Ascent Free WordPress Theme

9. Hestia Free WordPress Theme

10. Awaken

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