ब्लॉगिंग क्या है ? पैसा कमाना सीखें Blogging kya hai kaise kare . how to start a blog and make money

How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Inconvenient Truth Why You Can’t Master how to make money blogging for beginners

Blogging start is a mind-blowing process if I talk about earn money by blogging. The truth is this is very complicated work no doubt. I want some fabulous earning way that comes true my dream.

Yes friend, am a right?

actually, all think like this and that is also right. but we have some issue if we got some amazing tools that make work perfectly and fast then we work more efficiently.

I am really excited to make this post. Trust me!

If you say to start a blog, then you have come to the right place then make money blogging for beginners. First of all, you should know that you have to start with where. Today there is a lot of information on the internet it is very confusing about the blog.

I myself have gone through these ways when I made my blog. I did not remember how many times I made them create the blog really true. But I never give up I try to always to win, So friend you always remember If you fail one time then please do give up start again.

Friend, please don’t be bor this is necessary to understand you because no one can be a success the first time. Come friends now understand what the blog is, So there are many definitions of the blog online, but according to me in simple word. Learn how to make money blogging for beginners…

Types of Blogs and Blog Examples, Blog Definition, Blog Post

How to start a blog, these questions should be understood later, first of all, understand what blogs and blogging are. These are very important when you are going to start a work, then there is no harm in knowing this once, sometimes we understand that we know everything but friends are not really like that.

Most of the time in blogging, they fail because they do not fully know what blogging is and they just keep doing it, it is something like driving on a blindfold. You all have seen this on every blog YouTube video till now and have read that blogging is a means of earning.

You are your own boss in this profession and you get complete freedom to do so much work, so today’s young people prefer to make a blogging career so that they can work accordingly, However, it takes a lot of hard work as well.

Blog is a simple way to spread your thoughts to the world through online

I sure that you will get the answers to your question, then firstly we will know what are the things to be kept in mind for writing a blog. When a new blog prepares its block, then its next step is the post.

The first post of any blog describes which topic that group is aware of. Technology Tips, Health, Education, Science and Make your blog on any subject, but all you have to keep in mind is that after reading your post, good that it will come back to your blog again.

How to start blogging successfully with WordPress?

Friends, you may feel a big article in reading this, but this is my promise, all issues will be cleared from this blog. First, you forget that you have to buy something.

You have to take a topic or topic that can help anyone or any reader can use it only then your blog can become a very successful blog.

Now we know how to write an article on the blog, before making a blog, people make a plan for what and what subject they will take first of all, but when it comes to the turn of writing, at that time they do not understand how to start.

After all, what information to write, what to write, and what should be in words, you will be well aware before all problems arise.

Much trouble has to be taken, so today we will give some important tips to reduce this problem, using which you will be able to write a good and practical

Sometimes we go to see some blog content, friends, we do not understand that, should I write, should I write above this topic, today we will talk about such some points, from which we can find out whom we should write on it.

That is a big problem of our front what we write in the article when we do not find the headline then we fail in a blog. Then we search the wrong way as like copy another source. That is unreasonable and illegitimate for all. Do hard work and make a stone of meal, you definitely succeeded at any cost.

In the end, you should know all the good and bad points of the city so that the traveler can get help.

Friends, all these things will help you to become a blog on every topic. You should have all the information about the subject which you have just selected. Friends, this is the talk of the blog topic now, how will you write an article, if you write an article in Hindi or English or any language, Google Translator helps you a lot

Before writing the articles, you should write all the points on a copy. When you have all the information, then you can create a word file and save all your articles in it.

Definition of Target Audience

What is my target audience, what category do I want to write, what category do I want to write, do I want to write above fitness, do I want so much above anything else, who have more command over the thing and you better aware category, write the chatting block on it.

When you select a category first check how much competition in the select category it’s very necessary for successful blogging. your category should be searched in trend. Like Fitness, Health, Wealth, these all evergreen niches for start blogging.

Find Best Trending Search Ideas And Topics – Google Trend

Google Trend is such a tool as you can find out what was the most frequent search on Google 5 years ago, in which month, in which year, in which country, which topic is in trending

Trend tools actually work like a magic, you can find out any topic on it, how many times your selected topic has been searched on Google, it comes to know that your topic is famous and users are looking for it. Or not. In these tools, you can search for any topic by choosing any country and worldwide option. With this, you can also search the topic of YouTube videos very easily. There are many tools to use once, they are also absolutely free.

how to make money blogging for beginners
Google Trend

Now it is the turn to get the complete information about that topic, then you will choose the whole day only about whom you have knowledge but It is also important for you to gather more information related to it so that you can provide complete information about that topic in your area, for this you have to take care of one thing related to some others here that you should not copy-paste them nowadays. Get information from them, write it in your own words.

After collecting all the related information, about what your main heading will be, after that what all the subheadings will be. After all, you have to write developmentally so that people enjoy reading these days and also get the right information, take care of one thing that before writing the main heading, you need to write your post’s

introduction. Kind people should understand what is going to get information in tomorrow.

What subject are you going to get information about? You must use a keyword that you have already searched. After insertion, write the main headings, after that everything is heading.

How Long Should a Blog Post be 2021

It comes that how many words you have to write nowadays, although no criteria have been released for this, much research has shown that Google and other search engines read more posts written in more than 600 to 5000 words.

At the end of blog, you should give the conclusion of your post. understood, in short, every point that you insert in the post

One has to share his tomorrow on social media to reach his content, friends, you can not become a good blogger just by creating people, for that you share your blog.

Well, you which is write but take one thing in mind you just tried to give any profit or solution of any problem or issue to your reader then your reader will come again.

And if choose an unknown city or country you research that and know every fact about the city like traffic, weather, local transport, food, hotel, a place to walk, some fact about the history of the city that information should know your reader or traveler.

Take is very important to know all about it, such as the attractive places in that city, the rules of that place, and how much money you can spend to go to that place.

Find Best Niche and Unique Blog Ideas For Blogging

Imagine you want to become a blog on travel ok, My friends, think like a guru how can you convince someone how to reach Nevada city. First of all, if you are from India, then how will you reach Nevada? by Flight, which means all information about an airline that is necessary for a traveler.

To create a travel blog, first of all, choose any city or country you know all about very well.

Makes Catchy Titles Headlines

  • Passport should be ready
  • To pack the season’s clothing
  • How do you reach your destination?
  • The weather of City
  • Month of Traveling
  • Government rules of the city?
  • Good hotels in the city
  • Local Transport

Start Blogging Successfully: how to make money blogging for beginners

Dear friends this is not the only headline that keyword these lines give the right direction of your blog idea and this idea works on all topics or niches. This is the backbone and groundwork of your blog. So mind every point and research on that.

When you prepare every issue then it’s very easy to make a heading, headline written on the topic blog.

All this work of the blog topic research starts now, friends have to do a lot of research to get their article online, I have listed some hosting packages, you can see them. There is not much technical education required to create a blog, my dear friend

You should know the computer well and it is essential to have a good knowledge of internet surfing and neither you have to write coding on your topic properly, you can only do it, that is true friends.

you know very well all these tools in the time of today, you can also take help of YouTube.

You must have all these services to Accurate Start blogging

Friends, now there is two option. First, we can also start a blog for free and the second option start with spending money, Now you choose which path have you select ok. I make it easier for you.

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