How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks

How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks

How to Earning Money From YouTube – Amazing 10 Hacks

How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks – Before creating a YouTube channel, we talk about some YouTube earnings and about types of videos, this will help us to understand further.

While making videos on YouTube, always keep in mind that how to earn revenue from YouTube channels for beginners and it is right because when we do some work hard work should be earned.

Thinking about all these points, this article has been made. The issue of videos on YouTube should be such that the viewer connects to your channel.

When you have decided to do anything now but find out How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks for beginners, then you are in the right place in this article, how should you make a video, what should be the issue, how to watch your video And draw is made keeping all such points in mind. Hope you like it.

Friends I tried to understand all points to how to make revenue from YouTube channels for beginners. how to make videos and which thing is important when you make a video for viewers. Video making is a very easy task but more importantly how to Engage with Your Audience and subscribers? How to attract to watch the next videos this is more important to make videos.

If you comfy with the camera and you are not camera shy then YouTube is the best online stage for you. Earning money from YouTube is not a very difficult issue, but wait, if you do not know the right way, then it is difficult, there is a right way of doing everything.

Now, what happens, we watch the video and get into the race after watching the earnings of YouTubers and do not stop until your trust is broken, friends please do not mind that this is a fact that people who know me started very hard.

But when you do not get the result you break and leave YouTube. I am right friend? Please tell in the comments.
There are some facts and some points that we can take into consideration to create a successful YouTube channel and then we will never explore on Google “How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks for beginners”. Really believe me…

Now the main question is how to earn from YouTube channel. For this, it is very important for us to know some important facts about YouTube so that we can work better. Let’s start

Now the main question is How to Earning Money From YouTube For this, it is very important for us to know some important facts about YouTube so that we can work better. Let’s start

What are YouTube Channels and YouTube used for?

Once we understand YouTube even a little bit, it will benefit us to work with it more diligently. More than 2 billion people watch YouTube, just consider that the whole world sees people connected to the internet.

YouTube is absolutely free so far, there is no charge for watching videos on it. There is no separate charge for promoting your videos on YouTube with your skills on the Internet. The bandwidth of how big videos can be uploaded to YouTube is huge, which can play big videos well.

You can create an unlimited number of videos, YouTube is very capable of this. Believe me, YouTube is an extremely clickable site after google. YouTube launches in 2005 and it is rapidly growing every year.

Through online today 80% of online videos views on only YouTube without any doubt. Today little kids make wonderful videos viral he become famous. because the audience does not care about his body language his content that reason so he becomes famous.

But we, not kids when you take the decision to create a YouTube channel then this moment fixed now will be the start time to hard work. if you take YouTube as a professional then it’s not easy it is a very competitive task and we will win at any cost.

In this article, I focus the point on how should your videos and your How To Start YouTube Channel Step by Step for all Beginners and advanced levels.

With an exceptional strategy and pure dedication, you can turn YouTube into a legitimate career-building platform. People are making tons of money producing YouTube videos every day.

If you’re wondering how to start a YouTube channel and make money from it, then you’ve come to the right place!

Today with YouTube lots of people are making money by making videos with an extraordinary plan honestly dedication.

Today we too can be successful by making a platform on YouTube but for this, we have to create a strategy with the help of which we are successful.

Before starting a YouTube channel, we have to take care of many things, which channels to start and how to promote the video, the most important is that we also have to keep YouTube’s Guideline in mind, only then our channel can be successful.

Friends, if you want to try your luck in blogging with YouTube too, then read this blog one of my blogs, my blog maybe can help you some.

Lets How to Start YouTube Channel for Beginners With Easy Step

Sign-Up YouTube Account

To start a YouTube channel, you must first create an email-id on Google, with the help of this email address id, the YouTube channel will start. Email ID on Google will be yours, now go-ahead

When you have created Google email-id, you now have to sign in to Google, I have shown it in the image below and you have to click and login.

How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks
How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks

Login In YouTube

How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks
How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks
  1. Click On 9 Dot Icon
  2. Click on YouTube Icon now open the YouTube in your browser window
  3. Click on the Sign-in button on right as in the image below
How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks

Select e-mail id in the google login window when you give login details you enter in YouTube your login image appears on the right side of the browser window as we give in the image below

How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks

Establish the Intention On YouTube Channel Videos

Now you are logged into YouTube, but before that, you can create a second step channel It is very important to talk about some issues Before creating a YouTube channel, you decide what kind of content you will make a video on. We have to make a goal, that means we should know what we are making and what we are seeing and giving to our viewers, I mean you have understood

As long as you don’t give any value to the Viviers, it will not give you value, that means if your topic on which you are making the video, give the information of the work to the viewer, which is of his use, and he will give importance to the channel.

When you give an important suggestion to your audience, then the viewer himself will give you the import, so that the number of your subscribers will increase.

Let me explain you by example, imagine your a beauty parlor and you are making a video channel on it, then you have to make videos on new and amazing suggestions so that more viewers can be attracted to see your video.

The most important piece of information:

If you are making a beauty parlor channel, then there is a video related to beauty tips on it, in that you do not make any other topic like gardening videos, it will not be right for your channel.

How Do I Find Most Trending Topic For YouTube Videos

Google Trend is such a tool as you can find out what was the most frequent search on Google 5 years ago, in which month, in which year, in which country, which topic is in trending

Trend tools actually work like a magic, you can find out any topic on it, how many times your selected topic has been searched on Google, it comes to know that your topic is famous and users are looking for it. Or not.

In this tools, you can search for any topic by choosing any country and worldwide option.

With this, you can also search the topic of YouTube videos very easily. There are many tools to use once, they are also absolutely free.

Google Trends, Image Source: Google Trends

First of all, search for Google Trend in Google and open it, After that please type your topic in the search bar and select the location, and click on search

How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks
Google Trends, Image Source: Google Trends, How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks

After Selecting The Unique Topic or Niches For YouTube Videos

When you find a topic and niche to make a video, after that your next task will be to gather as much information, knowledge about that subject as you can from it, that you will get a good grip on that subject and you will give it a subject. Can be presented to the world in great detail.

With an example

Now my topic is How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks for beginners, so friends, I have told you how I made this article. First I used my experience and as much as I knew about the subject, I started typing it in Notepad and did it, after that the headline was saved and saved. The problem that came before me from making YouTube videos to the fame of the video, I noted every problem and looked at it very well and how I solved those problems, all of them started saving in Notepad and my article was ready. Has been done This is the secret of any kind of blogging or video to be successful.

Friends, this is the biggest point. To get success, you choose a topic that can solve any problem of the person watching your video. Your reader will be forced to join you, you will not have to say that press the subscribe button.

After reading this article, you will find your topic with ease and after doing a little hard work, then you will have to pay attention to how to earn revenue from YouTube channel for beginners. Now, when you read the article further, then you must read every point that makes your video famous and makes you famous.

In this article, every point that is related to the success of your video is trying to tell everyone well, I know that you are looking for a successful business, I will not waste your time.

How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks. Lets read…

How Do I Create My First Video For YouTube?

You want to be a video on YouTube, don’t be afraid, which device you will need, which phone is good for videography, which mic, background music graphic video title, everything we are going to tell you here.

Whether you are a businessman or just want to make a video for recreational and or you want to become a professional YouTuber on YouTube, this article will help you a lot, just keep reading carefully, we have tried to explain well.

First of all, you have to decide what kind of video you are making, I mean on which topic you are making the video, it is very important to decide only then you can attract the people watching the video.

If you are making videos just for fun, then open the camera and start shot but if you are for a brand then you will have to prepare a little for it and a well-planned strategy has to be made.

5 Five Unbeatable YouTube strategies for How to Earning Money From YouTube

Catchy & Clean YouTube strategy

What is your objective I mean why are you making a video, what is it, is it to earn money isn’t it? Yes right but how? What kind of video do you want to make, such as another pet who does a ridiculous joke by doing reverse action or by harassing people of their own free will, which we have named Prank?

Yes, prank. In India, Pakistan, people have changed the meaning of prank. I do not have any idea to talk about this issue.

If you understand YouTube even a little, then you will not do it. YouTube is going to be the family TV of our future. Today, we watch videos on the phone, but this does not mean that no one will use it instead of TV. I just want to explain that you can make videos on such content that people of all classes can see your created videos can give a positive statement to society or can also say that there is a well-organized entertainment. There should be something in your video that can call the video watcher again. But in an informative way.

Conclusions: How to Earning Money From YouTube: Amazing 10 Hacks

There is no doubt that you can create anything on your own, but if it is a solution to any problem, then no one can stop your video channel from being successful even if you find time to be a little happy.
For example, you count the viewers of the Avengers movie and on the other hand, you will know the difference between the viewers of a movie made on an ugly topic.

What are Trending YouTube Videos?

If you make a trending video, then your YouTube blog will progress quickly because that trending video will be on the current topic, which means that today is a search issue, your videos will show in quick search results.

The more you give the new information to your audience, the more your channels will grow, you will have to search for this topic, what is the current trend of tomorrow or which topic is being searched

Or your running topic, you can make a video by funding that current trending news, the result of it will be better than you expected.

His / Her Own Presentation

Friends, your presentation in any category on which you are making a video is a very important factor, even if your presentation is not right, the viewers of the video will not be attracted.

For this, you understand some points, take care of them.

First of all, your content is to speak your language within the limits of your culture, you should not use any such incident which does not point to any religious society, it is very important.

You should sharpen your language the way you speak so that society can come to you with good words, there should be an attraction in your talk

This will only come when you have made 10 – 12 videos

Secondly, if you have a professional subject, then you should pay attention to your dress up. When you make a video now, do a professional dress up.

You must be laughing, but it is true that who is watching your video, you do not know who they are from which society, we have to take care of all these things, we have to take everyone along, if your video is viral Hopefully

It is decided by all these things that one who will watch your video will definitely come again.

YouTube Video Description

you have to pay more attention to the video description, how helpful is your video description in the growth of your channel, you probably do not know, but the description gives all the information about your video to your viewers. A properly written description can increase both the fuse and watch time.

Instead of igniting the description, prepare the description using these important points. Write the most important keywords at the beginning of your description.

Make sure to include the keyword in the description, but by performing all the keywords in the first few lines, avoid making the description cumbersome. Give what your video is about, use search keyword natural language in it.

For this, use Show More, that is, when young people click on it, then only the extra information show can be applied to the playlist of related videos in the description, you can also use a hashtag related to your video in the important part of your description.

To make advertising friendly, write your title as well as the title and text perfectly accurate.

Use the I button in the video so that clicking on this button allows you to easily view previous videos related to your video.

By doing this, it will be easy to access the related videos from the same topic and your latest videos. Along with previous videos, the chances of getting more views and watch time will also increase.

YouTube analytics

Use YouTube analytics through which you check the watch time average of your video. If you understand the analytics and make the video, then this video will be according to the needs of your target audience.

YouTube Video Publish Time Zone

This best time is often considered 12:00 to 4:00 pm.  Friday is considered the best day for publishing videos.

Go and Saturdays and Sundays are considered the good time from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, the rest of your channel will easily find the best time for your videos.

Use Short YouTube video

Created videos trailer is a short video that will attract new visitors to your channel.

Promote YouTube Videos

Run a YouTube ad campaign, now you can promote your YouTube channel through Google ads or any other platform, for this, you can also use the display ad overtaking video ads bumper aids and sponsored.

Embed YouTube videos on your blog as well so that your website visitors can easily view your videos, share, and comment on the blog.

Make Videos Series

You can start a video series such as Attracts Sirius and gives you the reason to visit your channel again and again by playing your videos, you can also visit your channel, remember to come in that it has been shared with you in the right way

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