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Hindu Temple that Attracts Eminent Personalities of America

An Indian Hindu temple that attracts eminent personalities of America

“Clear all the worldly things. If you cannot control your mind, then how will you feel God.”

Shree Neem Karoli Baba – Supernatural Yogi

Whos Is Neem Karoli Baba

Neem Karoli Baba or Neeb Karori Baba (1900 c. – September 11, 1973), also known to followers as Maharaj-Ji, was a Hindu guru, mystic, and adorer of the Hindu Lord Hanuman. He is known outside India for being the guru of a number of Americans who traveled to India in the 1960s and 1970s, the most well-known being the spiritual teacher Ram Dass and Bhagavan Das, and the musicians Krishna Das and Jai Uttal. His ashrams are in Kainchi, Vrindavan, Rishikesh, Shimla, Neeb Karori village near Khimasepur in Farrukhabad, Bhumiadhar, Hanuman Gadi, Lucknow, Delhi in India, and in Taos, New Mexico, USA. (THE DETAILS (FROM WIKIPEDIA))

Hindu Temple that Attracts Eminent Personalities of America
JAI NEEM KROLI BABA – Image Credit by:

“All religions are the same, all go towards the same God. God is everywhere. ” – Shree Neem Karoli Baba – Supernatural Yogi

Hindu Temple that Attracts Eminent Personalities of America

Shree Neem Karoli Baba – Supernatural Yogi

Baba Ji built his main ashram in the picturesque valley of Nainital (Uttarakhand) in the village of Scissor (KAINCHI DHAM ASHRAM). In Ramkuti built here, he often used to meet devotees with a black blanket.

Baba built 12 major temples across the country. Even after his death, devotees have built 9 temples. Among them, there are mainly Hanuman Ji’s idols. Baba was a miraculous man. Suddenly disappearing or appearing, fixing the difficulty of the devotees ahead of time, making the body fat or thin at will, etc., many devotees talk about their miracles.

Shree Neem Karoli Baba: “Personality”

Neem Karoli Baba lived in a very ordinary way. They did not even wear tilak, garland etc. There was always a blanket covered. With the costumes and the colloquialism, no one could guess that he was a siddhu purusha. He was very cheerful by nature. He used to laugh jokingly from his followers.

They forbade people to touch their feet. Baba ji used to say, “I am nothing. If you touch your feet, touch Hanumanji. ” It was so simple that those who tried to touch the feet were asked to touch the feet of any person sitting around them.

Baba built 12 temples in his lifetime and his devotees built 9 major temples after him. Among them are the temples of Lucknow, Chennai, Neem Karoli, Kansar Dham, Vrindavan.

When Baba Neem Karoli pledged to build a temple, we do not know where the crowd of donors used to gather and the grand temple was built. After the temple was built, Baba handed them over to the trust and did not mean anything to them.

Babaji also took an active part in social cooperation. They often organized treasuries. He considered service to be the greatest religious work. Such is the story of Neem Karauli Baba.

Followers of neem karauli baba baba neem karoli

Hindu Temple that Attracts Eminent Personalities of America

Baba’s followers are not only in India but also in America and European countries. By the way, their list is very long. But some of the prominent names are – Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, former President VV Giri, Jugul Kishore Birla of Birla Group, Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant, First Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Sampurnanand, Former Vice President Gopal Swaroop Pathak, Governor K.M.Munshi , Raja Bhadari, Mahakavi Sumitra Nandan Pant, English General Makanna etc.

Neem Karoli Baba and Steve Jobs Story

Among the major foreign followers, the founder of the Apple company, Steve Jobs, was in depression due to his failures and could not think of any way out. So on the advice of one of his friends, he came to the scissors.

Although Baba had already taken samadhi. But the inspiration he got by sitting in front of Baba’s idol. This made him the inventor of the world’s most popular and premium iPhones. The rich people line up to buy.

Likewise, once Facebook was going through its worst phase. Its owner Mark Zuckerberg had decided to sell to Facebook. But could not reach any concrete decision. Then, on the advice of Steve Jobs, he too came to the scissors and stayed for two days. What happened after returning from here is history. Everyone knows that Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world today.

Hollywood actress Julia Roberts saw Baba in a dream and was so impressed with him that he accepted Hinduism. You can see them reciting Hindu customs such as Mangalsutra, Sindoor and Pooja.

Baba Neem Karauli Thoughts and 10 Teachings (vows) | 10 neem Karoli baba quotes

Sadguru Shree Shree Baba Neem karoli baba

1- Guru can be anyone. A maniac or even an ordinary person. But when you consider him to be a guru, then he is greater than God.

2- All religions are the same. All lead to the same God. God is everywhere.

3- The whole universe is our home. All the creatures living in it are our family. Look at God in all things, not in any particular way.

4- Lust, greed, anger and attachment all lead to hell.

5- The best service of God is to meditate on them every moment.

6- This world is an illusion. Still you bother for it. Because you are bound in its fascination.

7- You learn many truths of life at the time of sadness, sorrow, pain, sickness and funeral of someone.

8- Remove all worldly things from your mind. If you cannot control your mind then how will you feel God.

9- If you cannot love everyone, then you cannot achieve your goal.

10- Love everyone, serve everyone, never forget God and always speak the truth.

Miracles of Maharaj Ji | neem karoli baba miracles

Baba was always surrounded by people. People used to come to Baba with their problems and Baba would overcome them and make them satisfied. Once a saint said to Baba, why do you give such importance to these worldly people? Then Baba gave a very beautiful answer. He said, “Only doctors come to the doctor, not healthy people.”

Neem karoli baba was a saint. He used to do many miraculous tasks by appearing anywhere, disappearing, changing form, knowing the mind, giving a precise description of past, future events etc.

By the way, there are many stories of his miracles. It is not possible to describe everyone, however some whose evidence exists is being described here.

Neem Karoli Baba’s Leela, How was the name Neem Karoli?

Hindu Temple that Attracts Eminent Personalities of America
Kainchi Dham Baba Neeb Karori Ashram – Hindu Temple that Attracts Eminent Personalities of America:

During the journey after the renunciation, once Maharajji boarded the train without a ticket from a station and sat directly in the first-class compartment. After a while, an Englishman came to check the TT ticket. Seeing a jaujathari chaotic monk sitting in the first-class without a ticket, he became enraged.

At the next station, he forcibly removed the monk. The monk sat there, burying his tongs. After that, the train did not move even after the driver’s effort. British officers came. There was no engine malfunction. During interrogation, passengers told that TT had unloaded a monk from the train.

After that the train did not run. When the monk was found, he was found sitting a short distance away. The officers apologized to the monk and asked him to board the train again. The monk refused. Then at the request of the passengers, the monk boarded the train. The train started as soon as the monk sat down.

He was the monk Baba Lakshmandas i.e. Neem Karoli Maharaj. The place where the train stopped. His name was Neem Karoli. After this incident, he became famous as Neem Karoli Baba.

Story of Baba Ramdas | Ramdas Baba Story

Richard Elpert, an English psychologist, succumbed to depression and became addicted to drugs due to his problems. Once while wandering, he reached the Scissors abode. To make fun of Baba there, he gave 2 pills of LSD to Baba and said, “Baba! Eat them and see, they open the way to heaven. “

Neem Karoli Baba asked him, “How many such pills do you have?” He took out twenty bullets and gave them to Baba’s hand. Baba ate all the pills in one go. And kept doing his work in a calm manner.

It is necessary to state here that LSD is an endemic substance which can lead to death due to overdose. Baba ate twenty bullets at once.

The Englishman was sitting in surprise waiting for Baba to die. But even after several hours had passed, when Baba had no effect. So he folded his hands in front of Maharajji

It was done. The story of Neem Karoli Baba is full of many miracles.

Maharaj Ji told him that why are you destroying your life in these useless things? Why be afraid of these worldly sufferings? Richard Elpert’s eyes opened with Baba’s enlightened words. He devoted his life to Baba’s service and spiritual progress.

Maharaj Ji named him Baba Ramdas. Ramdas Baba became well known in America as a great spiritual guru and guide. He wrote a book in English on the life and miracles of Neem Karauli Baba titled “Miracle of Love Miracle of love”.

Ramdas Baba’s website is still full of Baba’s teachings and miracles. baba ramdas Ramdas Baba died in Hawaii, USA on 22 December 2019.

The miracle of a bulletproof blanket. neem karoli baba miracles
Once Baba Neem Karoli suddenly arrived at the house of an elderly couple living in Fatehgarh. Baba said that today he will stay here only. The couple was very happy. Whatever was available in the best house. He presented in the service of Maharaj Ji.

Baba fell asleep after wearing a blanket. The elderly couple were also about to sleep that they heard the sound of Baba’s moaning. Hearing his voice, he came and sat down near Baba’s throne. He could not even wake up Baba. Because maharaj ji forbade him from awakening under any circumstances.

Baba kept groaning like this all night. Like someone is killing them. In the morning Maharajji got up and wrapped his blanket and gave it to the elderly, saying, throw it in the river and never open it and look at it. When the elderly couple walked with the blanket, it felt heavy and there was a sound of iron rustling in it.

They thought that Baba had given an empty blanket, then where did the iron come from? But in spite of curiosity, he made the blanket flow into the river without opening it. Before leaving Baba said do not be disturbed. After one month your son will come back.

The only son of that elderly couple was in the British Army. In the Second World War he was stationed on the Burma Front. The story he told when his son returned a month later was unbelievable.

He told that one night his army was surrounded by the Japanese army. Fierce firing took place. In which all his companions were killed. The bullets went on throughout the night. But he did not get a single shot.

Feeling as if someone had erected an invisible wall in front of him. There was no bullet across it. In the morning when more troops of the British army arrived. Then he was able to get out safely.

It was the same night when Baba came to his house. Now he understood the meaning of Baba’s moaning throughout the night. Baba was protecting his son throughout the night. He himself was suffering from the bullets. This incident is described by Baba Ramdas in the book Miracle of Love. Such is the story of the miraculous Baba Neem Karoli.

Bringing the woman’s life

Pyarelal Gupta Bareilly had told me that once my wife’s health became very bad. Did not hope to escape. I had no other option but to remember Baba. Then someone came to know that Neem Karauli Baba has come to the house of Dr. Bhandari in Bareilly.

I ran away and reached there, but by then Baba had gone elsewhere. Even after searching for a day, Baba was not found anywhere. Disappointed, I sat under a tree and meditated on Baba with a sad heart. Then a person came and told me that Babaji is looking for you. They are at Commissioner Lal’s house.

I ran away and reached there. But the peon did not let me in. I stood outside and started humbly praying to Baba in my heart. After a while Baba suddenly came out. Coming straight to me he said, “Rickshaw la, lets go to your house.”

Baba refused to sit in the commissar’s car. Arrived with me by rickshaw to my house. They went directly to my wife’s bed and sat in a chair and put their feet up on the bed.

My wife somehow put her head in Baba’s feet with great difficulty. As soon as he did this, he lost his pulse. The cry started beating in the house. But Baba shouted loudly, “No, no, I am not dead.” Is in joy. “

Saying this, Baba bit my wife’s cheek and she came to her senses. At 10:30 pm, Baba asked for a Himalaya blanket and covered it and put his blanket over my wife and went away.

Baba came again the next day. As soon as his feet touched his wife’s life again. She became alive again as soon as Baba put her hand. Baba said, “Mai bothers me a lot. I have to sit. ” After this my wife became healthy without any treatment.

Eyesight comes back # neem karoli baba miracles
The story of Neem Karoli Baba is full of miracles. An elderly man was in Baba’s service in those days. One day both of his eyes lost his light. When this thing was told to Baba, he said, “Samarth Guru Ramdas fixed his mother’s eyes. There is no other saint in the world who can do this. “

After this Neem Karoli Maharaj baba neem karoli ate a pomegranate and ate his blanket from the head. Blood was coming out of his eyes. After a while Baba removed the blanket, everything was normal. Surprisingly the eyes of those elders were also cured.

Baba told him that now you retire from your business and pay attention to your spiritual progress. The next day when the doctor came to check the eyes of the elderly, seeing his eyes light back, he said that it is impossible. Who did this When they

It was ascertained that this was made possible by the grace of Baba. He wanted to meet Baba but Baba had gone.

When the doctor reached the station while running, Baba had already sat in the train. As soon as the doctor came in front of him, Baba said to the people, “Look how capable doctors are, they have fixed the eyes of an elderly man.” Baba always used to do this. They used to tell their miracles to someone else’s work.

However, they could not obey the orders of the elder Baba. A few days later, he returned to his work again. After which his eyesight reappeared.

(Excerpted from Baba Ramdas, Miracle of Love, first edition 1979, page no. 318)

Use of water in place of oil – Baba Neem Karoli

Pradeep Mathur, a devotee of Baba who had the privilege of staying with Neem Karoli Maharaj for some time, recounts an incident.

Once Baba was going somewhere from the scissors dham (kainchi dham). The driver said that the petrol in the car is very less. Will not be able to walk very far. Baba said, “Let’s see.” The petrol of the car ran out after going some distance. Baba saw that a river was flowing nearby. Maharaj Ji asked the driver to take a box of water from the river and put it in the car. After pouring water, the car started moving and reached the destination safely.

Use of water in place of Ghee in Bhandare # neem karoli baba miracles
Sudhir Sinha, a devotee of Neem Karauli Baba’s Patna, told that once Bhandara was running in the Scissor Dham and the ghee ran out. A huge crowd was still waiting to eat. When Baba came to know, he asked a devotee to go and ask for a loan of two tin ghee from the nearby river. (Story of Neem Karoli Baba)

The devotee went and fetched water from the two Teen River. The water turned into ghee as soon as it was put in Kadah. After the completion of the bhandara, Maharajji ordered two pieces of ghee and put it into the river.

Save your life by giving a hint – baba neem karoli

Diwakar Pant of Almora suddenly worsened one day. The situation became fragile by nightfall. It was not possible to call the doctor at night in the mountain. Everyone was waiting for it to happen in the morning. His wife was in a bad state crying.

Suddenly he felt that Baba Neem Karauli neem karoli baba is holding him by the shoulder. They are giving a medicine and saying that drink this medicine, it will be cured. He does not even care to think about how Maharajji came here and why only he can see it.

He got up quickly and gave the same medicine to Diwakarji. After drinking the medicine, Diwakar ji’s condition worsened. They became violent and began to mutter. The family started cursing the wife that she did not know which medicine to drink.

The wife herself did not even know which drug to drink, what is its name? Where did it come from and what works? Somehow it happened in the morning. The doctor came to checkup and the doctor said that now there is nothing to worry about.

Seeing the bottle of medicine at night, the doctor asked who gave this medicine? Everyone pointed to the wife. She was weeping badly, suffering from poor guilt. The doctor said, “Daughter, you did a great job. The name of this medicine is Coromine. This saved your husband’s life.

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